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How to Install a CD-RW Drive & Various Tips



Basic Installation Instructions for Dell's desktop systems and support articles for some common issues relevant to optical drives.

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Revised: August 27th, 2014

Notice: I retired from Dell Forum roughly 5 years ago.

Many things have changed but not the volunteers that support the forum, fantastic group of people !

I have stored many of the old articles and such and will keep the page up for the older systems and simple nostalgia.

Phone Dell Spare Parts # 1-800-357-3355 x 6993772 M-F 8 to 5 CDT and have the system's "Service Tag" handy.

General Discussion This view lists the articles by their Titles
Section 1: Brief Introduction, Please Read!! Overview List
Section 2: Removing the Cover & How to obtain Information on your Dell.
Section 3: Installation / Jumper setting for Drives from CNET
Section 4-0: Installation Instructions & Issues
Section 5: Forum News Section 7: What is this......?

Section 7-1-0: DVD+RW, DVD-R Info

Section 7-5-0: Utilities, Tools & Downloads

Section 7-7-0: Connecting PC to TV

Section 7-9-0: Interfacing PC Sound System to Analog Devices

Section 7-10-0: Connecting Your Camcorder to PC

Section 6-0: Forum Tips Section 8: Burning and Software Section 8-100: Digital Photo Editing
Dell Knowledge Base Articles
Section 9: Dell's Knowledge Base FAQ Section 10: Dell's & Microsoft's KB
Section 11: Dell's & Microsoft's KB Section12: Dell`s Microsoft`s KB
Section 13-0: Dell Media Center Section 15: Detect Devices / Reinstall Drivers, etc


Windows "How To.."

Section 20: Windows: "How to...." Section 21: Windows: "How to.."
Section 22: Windows:"How to...."
Articles from Roxio`s Former Knowledge Base
Section 25: ECD Creator, Windows 2000 and NT Section 30: Direct CD
Section 31: Direct CD Section 40: Easy CD Support Articles
Section 41: Easy CD Support Articles page 2 Section 42: Easy CD Support Articles page 3
Section 43: Easy CD Support Articles page 4 Section 44: Easy CD Support Articles page 5
Section 45: Easy CD Support Articles page 6 Section 46: Easy CD Support Articles page 7
Section 47: Roxio Forum Tips Section 48: Easy CD Version 6x Support Articles
Section 50: Adaptec and Windows ME
Section 60: SCSI Interface and Support Articles:
Section 61: SCSI Support Articles, page 2 Section 65-0: SCSI Installation
Various Links & Articles
Section 70: Popular Links Section 75: Various Dell Articles from Dell-Karell
Section 90: FYI Section 80: Interesting Posts I've found on DT
Windows XP & Vista
Section 100-0: Windows XP Upgrading to Windows XP
Section 101-0: Windows Vista

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I also have every Article available in a Section view


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Words from the Editor:

What I am striving for with this page is a reference point, cover the basic installation, list the different options and any known issues. When a solution to a particular problem is found or an improvement on an old one is discovered, I would like to list it here. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated and recognized.  I hope this will help someone with the set-up of their CD-RW. I would like to thank all the people for their input and expertise in this area.

Disclaimer: **Sadly I need to add this article to the pages.** The information here-in is strictly the Opinions of myself and friends, no guarantees, no promises. We take no responsibility for damaged hardware, DVD+/-R/RW`s, CD-R`s turned into coasters, crashes, time lost, or any other damages you incur as a result of reading this Help Page. Information can be obtained freely across the Internet and the preceding articles are listed solely for the purpose to assist the viewer, No malicious intent. You have been notified.

Notice: This site does not promote and / or facilitate unauthorized copies of software. This was established as an educational and instructional guide for the members that frequent Dell Support Forum. Furthermore, it does not submit to any "Earn Money / Cash Promotions or Ads", it is not used for "Tax Breaks" nor take "credit" for the information herein. Solely, non-profit purposes and only contains tips for installation of a CD/RW, various support articles from members and sites; Adaptec, Roxio, Nero, Microsoft, Dell, PC World, and others; all of which were given credit / recognition for the information. The Articles associated with Adaptec, Roxio, Nero, Microsoft, Dell, PC World and others herein are the intellectual property of the referenced above and are protected by applicable copyright, trademark and proprietary rights. All sources of information where applicable, were given credit and / or recognition and permission granted to display for educational, non-profit, instructional guide.



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Sec 2: Removing the cover:

Some people find it easier to remove the drive cage others prefer to remove both side covers. To determine for yourself, go to Dell's support page. I used to included the direct link but Dell changes their links so often, hard to keep up. Please use their support page

Enter your Service Tag or Model. Then browse to Removing and Replacing Parts. Here you will find some helpful information dealing with this and other subjects.

Sec 3: Installation / Jumper settings for Drives per CNET

Rather than copy & paste the information, here is a quick link to the CNET article which covers the jumpers, installation and includes pictures.

Care of Mike~Skybird

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