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Utilities, Tools & Downloads


Section 7-5-0: Utilities, Tools & Downloads
  1. ASPI Layer, version 4.60 (Compliments Arcorob~Rob)
  2. Sony CRX 100, 1.0n firmware.
  3. Nero`s Clean Tool for un-installing correctly (Care of  ~ Rob)
  4. Nero`s Speed test and Utilities link (Care of ~ Rob)
  5. Roxio`s Zap.exe for removing their Software (Care of ~ Patrick N. )
  6. DVDInfo Pro (Care of ~ Dave)
  7. Utility to save your original firmware for NEC drives (Care of ~ Dave)
  8. Link for Dell`s Diagnostic test  (FA1022341) and CD/RW Diagnostic test (TT1070379)
  9. Utilities for Ripping Songs; MP3 to .wav, etc..(Care of Jack ~ Fireberd & John ~ Osprey)
  10. Belarc Advisor
  11. Sony Drive Check Diagnostic Tool (Care of John~Osprey)
  12. Backup Firmware (News Group)
  13. MTK Flash Utility, How to for Samsung 616T drive. (Care of ~ David from Texas)
  14. CDRoller, recovery tool (Care of Jim H.)
  15. Free DVD decoding software
  16. Free Burning software




7-5-1: ASPI Layer, version 4.60 (Compliments Arcorob ~ Rob)

Hi Members,

Hope you`re well,  Below you will find 4 files:

ASPI46_1019 which will load anywhere, anytime, ADAPTEC product installed or not.

ASPI46_1021 which should also ..if it does, use it. If not, do 1019 first (it works fine) THEN apply 1021. See, once you have it , it thinks you should. Alot of people report it tells them (if used initially) YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ADAPTEC PRODUCT INSTALLED...etc.

ASPICHK1 - Checks the ASPI layer status for harmonious system use.

ASPICHK - XP version of the checker (like it makes a difference). Works on the older levels but they really created it to PASS the bogus 4.70 release which has two different levels , 4.70 and 4.60 Hope this helps some folks.....

Rob Arco

ASPI1019_good.EXE Aspichk.exe
aspi46_1021_better.exe Aspichk1.exe

Additional Information provide by Starter ~ Don:

Jeff this the ASPI information provided to me by Dave, of Birdcage Software.

Hi Don

Sorry I didnt get back to your earlier Ive been extremely busy just this
week normally I can cover it.

The situ with 4.70 is that it not only uses a mix of 4.70 and 4.60 and the
4.70 drivers are not real good but, the installer is flawed to begin with
and doesnt put all settings needed in.
Force ASPI will add the registry settings you need.

In short what you have done is revert to all 4.60 drivers (which is the
thing to do) but the root cause originally is the lack of reg entries
The 4.70 will work but the installer doesnt do the job right so left it with
seemngly dead ASPI, not totaly the case just a bad installer from Adaptec.
You are better off using the 4.60 but if you placed the Adpatec 4.70 drivers
in there now you will fnd they will work, that because Force ASPI install
added the reg entries needed in both cases.

If you did happen to use ASPI Rip it would have found this flaw and fixed it
during the installation however not to worry you have sorted it anyway which
is the important thing.

Dave Brimage
BirdCage Software
MPAction MP3 Tools

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7-5-2: Sony CRX 100, 1.0n firmware

Note: This is Not a Dell valided firmware but has solved the problem of using 80 minute CD-R discs. The file is in Zip format and also down load the document file as well.



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7-5-3: Nero`s Clean Tool for un-installing correctly (Care of  ~ Rob)

Here is the link to the Zip file for Nero`s Cleantool. The file is safe / clean, no virus.

Clean Tool 1110 Zip

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7-5-4: Nero`s Speed test and Utilities link (Care of ~ Rob)

You`ll find a number of Utilities here:

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7-5-5: Roxio`s Zap.exe for removing their Software (Care of ~ Patrick N. )

This program will remove Roxio`s software completely and very easly., you can find it at the CD/RW site.

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7-5-6: DVDInfo Pro (Care of ~ Dave)

Another useful tool to have is DVDInfo Pro (free).  It not only gives you a lot of info about your drives, but also about the media as well.  Works with both CD's and DVD's.


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7-5-7: Utility to save your original firmware for NEC drives (Care of ~ Dave)

There's a nice DOS utility for NEC drives that will allow you to save your original firmware here:


Note from Predator: please be aware that flashing your Dell drive with a non Dell firmware will void the warranty on the drive. Also there is always a chance that a firmware flash can go bad and render your drive useless and the back up will not "fix" the drive.

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7-5-8: Link for Dell`s Diagnostic test   (FA1022341) and CD/RW Diagnostic test (TT1070379)

(Dell Diagnostic)

(CD/RW Diagnostic)


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7-5-9: Utilities for Ripping Songs; MP3 to .wav, etc..(Care of Jack ~ Fireberd & John ~ Osprey)


Some CD recording programs will convert MP3 to wav for audio CD burning.  Check the help file in the CD burning program(s) and see if they will do this.  If not, there are many programs to convert MP3 to wav so you can make standard "CDDA" audio CD's.  One note, you will not regain full fidelity when you convert back to wav, whatever the fidelity is on the MP3 is all that it will ever have.

Music Match Jukebox will convert MP3 to wav.  Also, AudioGrabber, a freeware program for CD ripping will also do conversion (and will do it on an entire folder at one time, rather than having to do each one individually).  You can download AudioGrabber here.


Both Razorlame and Audacity are freeware (open source) programs that can convert MP3 to WAV, and then you can burn WAV files directly as audio CD.


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7-5-10: Belarc Advisor

Follow this link for another Utility that provides important information about your system.

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.


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7-5-11: Sony Drive Check Diagnostic Tool (Care of John~Osprey)

Try using the Sony DriveCheck Diagnostic Tool:

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7-5-12: Backup Firmware (News Group)

Here's an Idiot's Way of Dumping your current firmware from your drive:

Well here's how I did it using WinXP Pro ;)

1. You must have one floppy disc which have been formatted with the FAT filing system

2. Go to and download the Dr Dos v7.x boot disc setup file:

3. Once downloaded double click on the setup file and insert the floppy disc to copy the files across. You will find you have two files now on the disc.

4. Copy over a copy of the Dangerous Brothers DOS based flashing utility at:

5. Extract this file and put it on your floppy, you should now have 3 files on the disc!!!

6. Restart the pc and boot up with the floppy disc

7. Once you have reached the command prompt ie A:\

8. Type in the following (This is assuming you have the NEC 2500a set as Master on the Secondary IDE with no other drive attached) :

A:\nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -out (file name, you could use ORIGINAL) .bin

9. The PC will start to read from the floppy and will initiate several commands to retrieve your firmware informing you of it's completion in percentages.

10. Your firmware should now be dumped to the floppy alongside the other files that you added.

11. Restart your PC.

Hope this helps some new owners of this drive, REMEMBER this is really important to do before attempting any firmware updates, well you might have to return your drive at some point!

Lastly I would like to thank the members who helped me along this path and hope it's okay to post the links to the files and the program from the Dangerous Brothers site:

Please note that I am a member of this Board and not a MOD so if you follow the instructions above you do so at your own risk

Hope that's covered everything!

Alternatively you could create a folder on your hard disk drive (assuming it's C:\) as NEC2500, which must contain the Dangerous Brothers program, here again:

1. Follow step numbers 1, 2, 3, (IGNORE 4), 5 and 6.

2. Now that you have reached the command prompt a:\

Type in: c:

3. To return to the command prompt and then type in:

C:\2500\nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -out necstock106.BIN

This will go through the same process and dump your firmware on your hard disk drive.

4. Once this is completed restart your PC

If your operating system is Windows 9x another alternate for the hard drive method for 98 users would be to boot to safe mode command prompt only and not mess with a boot floppy.

1. Create a folder on yoiur hard disk with the folder nec2500

2. Include in the folder the flashing program

3. Restart your pc and boot into safe mode

4. Once again at the command prompt type in:

C:\2500\nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -out necstock106.BIN

(News Group)

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7-5-13: MTK Flash Utility, How to for Samsung 616T drive. (Care of ~ David from Texas)

From David:

I have a Dell 8300/Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) computer system (P4, Bios A05) equipped with a Samsung SD-616T 16X DVD ROM drive and a NEC CW-RW NR-9300A 105B CD drive.  I downloaded the F311 firmware update (DOS, A03, file BR66264.exe) for the Samsung drive from Dell Support and applied it exactly as specified.  Upon rebooting the computer, I was horrified to observe that my Samsung DVD drive “D” had crashed.  The tray would not open, the power light would not come on, and the drive was not recognized by either BIOS or Device Manager.  The NEC CD drive still worked, however. 

I tried several different methods to activate the drive: 

(1)  Returning BIOS A05 to the original factory settings.

(2)  Upgrading BIOS to version A07.

(3)  Clearing NVRAM (see later). 

(4)  Reseating the DVD and CD data and power cables (unplugging the cables, booting up, reconnecting the cables and rebooting).

All to no avail.  The DVD drive was still not recognized.  After I upgraded to BIOS A07, I got the following error messages:

SATA primary drive 0 not found (O.K. because a SATA drive was not present).

SATA secondary drive 0 not found (O.K. because a SATA drive was not present)

Primary drive 1 not found (O.K. because a slave primary device was not present)

Secondary drive 0 not found (Not O.K. because this is the DVD ROM)

Secondary drive 1 not found (O.K. because this is the CD ROM and its default setting is OFF as a slave to the DVD ROM)


Under BIOS, I changed the configuration settings on all these drives from AUTO to OFF except for secondary drive 0 which I left on AUTO.  All the error messages disappeared except for:

Secondary drive 0 not found (the DVD ROM)

I send three separate E-mails to Dell Technical Support requesting guidance and advice.  None of the responses were helpful.  Although I was quite explicit in detailing the problem, two different technicians recommended that I update the Samsung SD-616T drive with BR66264 (F311) – the exact same flash program that had caused the problem to begin with.  When I pointed out how ridiculous this was, I was informed that my DVD drive was out of warranty and that I should contact Dell Sales to purchase a replacement!    

I then checked out several CD/DVD user discussion forums and found at least 20 postings describing exactly the same problem.  Unfortunately, none reported a solution that was demonstrated to be effective.   I reviewed all the postings and did the following:       

  1. Shut down the computer and disconnected the power cable.  

  2. Removed the computer cover and disconnected the IDE cables and the power cables from the DVD ROM and CD ROM drives.  

  3. Replaced the cover and booted up the computer to Windows XP. 

  4. Shut down the computer and started up in BIOS setup (pressed F2 when the Dell  logo showed prior to Windows XP power up).      

  5. Cleared NVRAM  (While in BIOS, depressed the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Number Lock until three green lights appeared on the keyboard.  (Had to change from a remote mouse and remote keyboard to conventional hard wired units at the beginning of step 3 to do this.)  Pressed Alt “E” and waited for a beep.  Then changed secondary drive setting from AUTO to OFF then back to AUTO.  (This step is probably unnecessary but if no “changes” are made in BIOS then the “save changes” command does not appear.  Saved changes.   (Note:  Could find no jumpers on the 8300 board so could not follow the “clear NVRAM” procedure as described in Bulletin FA1023538 for Dell computers shipped after 1997).

  6. Booted up the computer to Windows XP then shut down again and disconnected the power. 

  7. Reattached the power cable and the IDE cable (at the “end” connection) to the DVD drive but left both cables to the CD drive unattached.   

  8. Rebooted the computer.

  9. Downloaded MTKFLASH 1.55 ( from and unzipped the files to a freshly created “C” directory, C:\Firmware.     

  10. Downloaded the E 310 (DEL).zip file (RPC1 free) from and unzipped to the C:\Firmware directory

  11. Made a bootable floppy (“A”) disk.  (See:

  12. Copied the files in C:\Firmware to an “A” subdirectory, A:\Firmware

  13. Shut down the computer and rebooted from the floppy.

  14. At the “A” DOS prompt, changed to the A:\Firmware directory and typed:  Mtkflash 3 w/b /m 310del.bin 

 (Carefully read for an explanation of the flash protocol.  It will vary depending on the location of the drive being flashed and the nature of the firmware update.  In this case, the “3” designation identifies the DVD drive as being the IDE secondary master (i.e., the drive to which the “end” of the IDE cable is connected).  310del.bin was the selected flash program because it was the original version on my DVD drive.   

The program ran flawlessly and ended with a “reboot computer” command. 

During the reboot the hitherto dead “D” drive sprang to life.  It was now recognized by BIOS and Device Manager.  Most important, the tray now opened and the drive read DVD’s.   

  15.   Shut down the computer, disconnected the main power cable, and re-attached the IDE and power  cables to the CD drive. Rebooted.

The above procedures restored the Samsung SD-616T DVD drive to its original functional state.  Maybe all the foregoing steps are not absolutely necessary but at least these are the procedures that worked for me.   I post them here in the hope that it saves someone the countless hours of frustration I experienced attempting to correct the DVD crash caused by the F311 firmware update.  If this posting further obviates nonproductive correspondence with inept Dell technicians then that is an added bonus.  But a word of caution here.  Do this at your own risk.  What worked for me, may not work for you.     

In my opinion, Dell firmware update F311 is seriously flawed and I strongly recommend against its use as described.  I’ve not attempted the Samsung 311 update with the 1.55 MTKFLASH program.  I’m so overjoyed at getting the DVD drive back to its original state that I’m not going to risk it. 

Finally  bear in mind the frequent warning posted on this forum, namely that the use of non authorized firmware updates will invalidate Dell drive warranties.   

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7-5-14: CDRoller, recovery tool (Care of Jim H.)

A nice little utility that may help with recovery, trail version, the cost is fairly low if you decide to keep it, May 2005 under $30


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7-5-15: Free DVD decoding software.

VLC media player

K-Lite Codec Pack

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7-5-16: Free Burning software

Free burning programs listed bye our VIP Members at Dell.  care of John~Osprey4   care of KLBF   care of John O~mombodog (A list of free programs)


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