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A very brief trouble shooting guide for Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) adapters:

Some additional tips:

The SCSI ID setting is very simple. Up to 7 SCSI devices can be used on a single narrow SCSI bus or up to 15 devices on a wide SCSI bus. Each device must have its own unique SCSI ID address. There are 8 or 16 addresses respectively and the host adapters are factory set to ID7 or 15, which is the highest priority ID.

SCSI termination is required at both ends of the bus, there are no exceptions. If the host adapter is at one end of the bus it must have termination enabled. If the host adapter is in the middle of the bus, and if both internal and external bus links are present, the host adapter must have termination disabled and the devices at each end of the bus must have terminators installed.

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