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How to Install a CD-RW Drive & Various Tips

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Notice: Please take a few seconds to read the Introduction Section below, thank you.
General Discussions
  1. Net / Forum Etiquette..cuts / step overs..
  2. CD-R and CD-RW media
  3. Macrovision 7
  4. Region Code Control
  5. Denny`s page for New Members visiting Dell Talk
  6. What is the "Burn In " for a new PC? (Author: Fireberd ~ Jack)
Revised: May 25, 2010
Section 1: Brief Introduction, Please Read!!  

Roxio`s Update page

Go here

Section 2: Removing the Cover & How to obtain Information on your Dell.  

**Notice For Members Upgrading to Windows XP**

Roxio`s update for ECD Platinum Instructions

Go here

Section 3: .Installation per PC World I have added information dealing with the more Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ) from Dell's Knowledge Base (KB), Microsoft and Adaptec sites.
Section 4-0: Installation Instructions & Issues
  1. Overview
  2. Cable too Short & Length Limits
  3. Why Master / Slave and /or Cable Select
  4. Known Issues & Checking BIOS
  5. Installation for Dell's L____series
  6. Installation for Dell's XPS xxx
  7. Installation for Dell's 4100
  8. Installation for Dell's 8200, 8100, 4400, 4300S
  9. Installation using Promise Ultra ATA controller cards.
  10. Installation for Dell`s Newest systems, ATA Interface.
  11. Note on Dell`s systems that use SATA Interface.
  12. Installation of the Plextor 712SA (SATA) DVD+/-R/RW drive in Dell 8400 series. (Care of Alexia75  ~ Andrew)

Dell Specification Pages for Their systems.

The Predator

The Predator

Section 5: Forum News


  1. NEC & HP9100i combination
  2. Notice on DVD Extreme Jitter/FlashingProblems*Updated* Dell-Cody, 8-16-2000
  3. Problems Printing Jewel Case cover hpfxDRO.DRV error (2 solutions)
  4. Find some of the latest updates for Adaptec's Software
  5. Attention All Dell DVD/Samsung **Read** 2-13-2001
  6. CD/DVD media reading problem. 05-09-2001
  7. Home Theater Forum Aspect Ratio FAQ
  8. How do I enter the BIOS | COMOS | Setup or System Setup on my Dell Computer? (TT1012573)
  9. How to Install Intel 810 chipset drivers?
  10. How to Install Intel Security Driver for Windows 98 or Windows NT?
  11. Forum Issues (Author: Dell-Karell C.)
  12. Dell`s FAQ, DVD, CD/RW, CD-ROM (Author:Dell-Cody)


5-1-0 Dell`s  Firmwares:

  1. How to access Dell`s Firmwares
  2. How to flash the NEC 7900a (Care of Mike ~ WierdProblems)
  3. How to flash the Samsung 616T drive with MTK Utility (Care of David from Texas)
  4. Converting the NEC 1100A to 1300A (Care of Siffleu)
  5. Converting a Philips 8701 DVD burner to a Benq 1640 DVD burner (Care of Dave Johnson)
  6. Converting a Philips 8631 DVD Burner to a BenQ 1620 DVD Burner (Care of Dave Johnson)
  7. Convert Philips 8801 to BenQ 1650



5-2-0: Promise ATA Cards

  1. FAQ for Ultra ATA/66 Controller card
  2. Promise Ultra ATA/66 PCI Card Drivers
  3. Promise Ultra ATA/100 Card Drivers, Build 27. A01
  4. Promise Ultra ATA/100 Controller Windows 2000, NT 4, v1.60bld 14,A00


5-3-0: Adaptec's Updates

  1. Patch for Easy CD 3.5c and Direct CD 2.5d
  2. Update for Easy CD Creator 4.0 or 4.01 to 4.02
  3. Patch for Easy CD 4.02 and Direct CD 3.01, date: 4-17-2000
  4. Update for Easy CD 4.02a and Direct CD 3.01a, date: 6-29-2000
  5. ECD 4.02d_D5 and Direct CD 3.01c_D5. A04-01
  6. Patch / Update for Easy CD & Direct CD, to versions 4.02e1 -3.01e1, date: 11-16-2000
  7. Update to Easy CD version 4.03 & Direct CD version 3.03 date: 01-19-2001
  8. Roxio now has a site to check for all your updates
  9. Reports from Members on Roxio`s update for XP (Big Brother)


This Section usually contains information from Dell-Moderators

** Samsung Issue from Dell-Cody **

Section 5-4-0: Dell Optical Drives User Guides
  1. Plextor 708a Retail User Manual (Care of Dale)
  2. Sony DRX-510 Retail Model (Care of Dale)
  3. Sony DRU510A DVD±RW (Care of Dale)
  4. Sony CD/RW CRX 216E (Care of Mike)
  5. NEC ND 5100a 4x DVD+RW
  6. NEC ND 6100a 8x DVD+RW Drive User's Guide
  7. NEC 1100a
  8. TEAC DVW58E
  9. NEC 2100a
  10. NEC ND 2510 8x DVD+/-RW Drive User's Guide
  11. HLDS 48X GCC-4480B CD-RW/DVD ROM
  12. HLDS 24X GCC-4240N Slim CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive
  13. Panasonic 24x UJDA740 CD-RW/DVD-ROM
  14. HLDS GRA-4120B DVD RW Drive User's Guide
  15. HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-8481B
  16. HLDS GCE-8400B
  17. HLDS GCR-8481B
  18. NEC 5800A
  19. NEC 16X NR-7800A
  20. NEC NR-7900A
  21. NEC NR-9100A
  22. Samsung SW-252S HH 42X32X CD/RW
  23. Samsung SM-348B
  24. Samsung SD-616T
  25. Samsung 24x SM-308 Combo CD-RW/DVD Rom Drive
  26. Samsung 24X SN-324 CD-RW/DVD ROM
  27. Samsung 32X SM-332 CD-RW/DVD
  28. Samsung SM-352F CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive
  29. Samsung SN-324F CD-RW/DVD ROM
  30. LiteOn 163 16X DVD
  31. Lite-ON LTR-24102M
  32. Philips DVD+RW
  33. Philips D28 DVD/RW
  34. Philips SDVD6004 Slim 2X DVD+RW
  35. Philips 8601 DVD+RW Drive
  36. SONY 16X Slim CD-RW/DVD-ROM (CRX810E-XX)
  37. Toshiba SD-R2002 6X DVD-ROM/CD-RW
  38. Toshiba Slim Combo SD-R2102 DVD-ROM/CD-RW
  39. QSI SBW-242 Slim CD-RW/DVD-ROM

The following links should take you directly to Dell's User Guide site for the listed models. I have the links set-up to open in a New Window. Please let me know of any dead links and   additional models to include. I will try to keep this up-to-date.



Section 5-5-0: Media Guides
  1. NEC 2100
  2. NEC 1100a
  3. Plextor 708a
Links to Software guides:
Section 6-0: Forum Tips, Win 98, Me
  1. The IDE`s way of PnP
  2. Can not use Easy CD Creator because it is in use by Direct CD, (2) Articles: Roxio and Dell
  3. Reason to Disable DMA and DMA, General Discussion
  4. Drivers for CD-ROM & CD/RW
  5. Play.exe Errors
  6. CD Audio Path
  7. Files written with CD/RW can not be read in CD-ROM
  8. Files Copied from CD-R Media are Read Only
  9. Why my Burned CDs Cannot be Read on Another Computer
  10. Why does the Windows 98 CD Player report the Error: "Data or no disc loaded" After inserting an Audio CD into my CD-ROM?
  11. Problems Reading Recordable CDs, Home, Car, etc..
  12. When starting Drive Image in MSDOS system locks up looking for Iomega Drive letter?
  13. Device Settings are hard to find in Windows 2000
  14. Finessing Auto-Play for Music Match Jukebox
  15. How do I Eject a CD/RW disk from my drive when the Adaptec Direct CD software or other software for Microsoft Windows has locked the drive for use? (Dell FA 1030049)

Section 6-1: Forum Tips, Win 98, Me

  1. Protected-Mode CD-ROM Drive Support in Windows
  2. Troubleshooting MS-DOS Compatibility Mode on Hard Disks
  3. USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition
  4. How to Troubleshoot Computer Hangs During Hardware Detection.
  5. My Iomega Zip was given drive letter "B", how do I correct this?

Section 6-2-0: Forum Tips, Win 9x, Me

  1. Error Message Appears When you Start the Adaptec Easy CD Creator Version 3.5b or Earlier.
  2. The CD-ROM refuses to run automatically under Windows 95/98 when a disc is inserted.
  3. The system locks up while copying data from the CD-ROM under Windows 95/98.
  4. Music Plays from CD-ROM with No Audio Cable Installed.
  5. USB CD-ROM Does not work after you update the Driver.
  6. Cannot Select "Enable Digital CD Audio for this CD-ROM Device" Option
  7. Command Line Switches for MSCDEX.EXE
  8. How to Prevent Programs from Starting Automatically from the StartUp Folder.
  9. Vserver.vxd File Not Found When you Start your Computer.


Section 6-3-0: Forum Tips, Mostly DVD Issues

  1. How to capture DVD Screen
  2. DVD Support in Windows 98
  3. No Audio from DVD
  4. Why do I sometime hear "pops", "hiccups" or "skips" when recording from DVD?
  5. Error Message Inserting DVD Movie in Cinemaster C WDM DVD Drive.
  6. How DVD Regions are Selected for Use by Windows 98 / Me DVD Player.
  7. You Receive a BlueScreen Error when Ejecting a DVD in Windows Me DVD Player.
  8. DVD Firmware "Time Out" error (Author: Dell-Cody)
  9. DVD Freezes / Hangs (Author Dell-Cody)
  10. You experience error messages or system lockups during DVD software installation.
  11. Your DVD-ROM will not auto-configure using the automatic configuration utility provided with the drive.
  12. Movies appear bright, then dim when watching a DVD-Video from the video card's TV output.
  13. You can not play a DVD or CD in the DVD drive or certain types of discs can not be read in the drive.
  14. When attempting to play a disc, you receive a message such as "Disc does not contain DVD Video data".
  15. You receive an error message such as "Unable to locate DVD-ROM drive--assume drive D:--Error1".
  16. During the DVD video configuration process, you receive an error such as "Auto Alignment failed".
  17. After upgrading the video card, DVD movies will not play.
  18. Upgraded from Win 98 to Win 2000, now DVD Cinemaster software not working. (Author: BigBrother)
  19. Freeware MPEG Audio/Video/VideoCD Encoders (from: JnMHayes)
  20. Digital Video Info and Trouble Shooting (Author: Ron B)
  21. Software update for WinDVD and XP (Credit: Mike~cde3cvr)
  22. DVD Play on TV-Out with NVIDA Geforce2MX (Credit~Eric Gossiaux)
  23. DVD movie going Bright, Dim, Bright, Dim when displayed on TV using S-Video through VCR (Credit: Sand Tiger)
  24. Trouble shooting DVD problems with Windows 2000 (Q 249334)
  25. Choppy DVD Issues (Dell Members ~ 8)
  26. Insert Disc error (Dell Members ~ 2)
  27. Samsung DVD SD-616 Won't Play Movie DVD, Fellowship of the Ring, Specail Extended DVD Edition (Author ~ Reep)
  28. Samsung SW-248F stopped reading CD`s (Care of ~ D.Desselle)
  29. Samsung SD-616T 16X DVD ROM Fix with MTKflash (care of- David from Texas)


Section 6-4-0: Forum Tips, Win 9x, Me, 2000

  1. "Initialization failed, could not load ACMWrapper" error message when launching Easy CD Creator in Windows® 95/98/Me (Document #10715)
  2. Why do I get error messages and drive letter changes when connecting or disconnecting Iomega® PC card or USB drives in Windows® 2000 or Windows® 98/95 (Document #10426)
  3. Links to sites " How do I Fdisk and Format ?" (care of Russell)
  4. MS-DOS® and Non-DOS Hard Drive Partition Removal Debug Script
  5. How to fix "Found New Hardware"  message at start-up. (Credit: Ron ~The_Namek)

Section 6-5-0: Forum Tips, Windows XP mostly

  1. DMA Mode for ATA/ATAPI Devices in Windows XP
  2. Ultra ATA Storage Driver Support Site
  3. Slow start-up with Nero, disable IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service (Author: Thien Lee)
  4. "IDISPATCH" or "The Parameter is incorrect" Error Message
  5. No Sound coming from my System (Credit goes to daShadow for providing me with this Information)
  6. CD Recorder not recognized by Windows Media Player.
  7. Getting Older Programs to Run on Windows XP
  8. Get rid of unwanted Ballon Tips
  9. Device in Use, Use Name Error (Care of ~ Big Brother)
  10. Direct CD Error when switching users in Windows XP (Care of ~ Jerry)
  11. AutoPlay Repair Wizard & Tweak IT
  12. Dell Parts (link)
  13. I am getting a 1607 Error Message
  14. How do I use the emergency eject function on CD-ROM, CD-RW, and DVD-ROM drives?
  15. Can my Dell® installed DVD-ROM drive play DIVX discs? (FA1012161)
  16. Software repartitioned Dell Hard-drive (2)
  17. iTunes Burning Error 4280 fix for Sony CRX830E (Care of ~ Saint Mark)
  18. What is Dell`s DVD Sentry?
  19. Burn issue with WMP 11 (care of d2005)



If you know of any tips or would like to see one listed here, send me a E-mail.

The Predator

Section 7-0: What is this......?
  1. FYI
  2. ATA / ATAPI-5
  3. Why not CD/RW and Hard drive on same Channel
  4. A word about SCSI and  IDE
  5. A brief History on ATA interface, Transfer Modes and Speeds
  6. What is Ultra3 SCSI and some of its advantages?
  7. What is the new Ultra2 SCSI specification? (990427-0014)
  8. What is Firmware?
  9. What is ATAPI?
  10. What is UDF?
  11. What is Packet Writing?
  12. What is NVRAM and ESCD?
  13. What is the speed of CD-R & CD-RW media?


Section 7-1-0: DVD+RW, DVD-R Info
  1. Recordable DVD Drives (care of Tech Report)
  2. DVD Alliance (Google search)
  3. DVDrhelp (care of Mike & Don)
  4. DVD Plus Org. (Google search)
  5. Philips DVD+RW User's Manual, (care of Big Brother)
  6. DVD source site (care of Don ~ Starter)
  7. DVD Formats Explained (Care of ~ Skybird: Mike )
Section 7-5-0: Utilities, Tools & Downloads
  1. ASPI Layer, version 4.60 (Compliments Arcorob~Rob)
  2. Sony CRX 100, 1.0n firmware.
  3. Nero`s Clean Tool for un-installing correctly (Care of  ~ Rob)
  4. Nero`s Speed test and Utilities link (Care of ~ Rob)
  5. Roxio`s Zap.exe for removing their Software (Care of ~ Patrick N. )
  6. DVDInfo Pro (Care of ~ Dave)
  7. Utility to save your original firmware for NEC drives (Care of ~ Dave)
  8. Link for Dell`s Diagnostic test  (FA1022341) and CD/RW Diagnostic test (TT1070379)
  9. Utilities for Ripping Songs; MP3 to .wav, etc..(Care of Jack ~ Fireberd & John ~ Osprey)
  10. Belarc Advisor
  11. Sony Drive Check Diagnostic Tool (Care of John~Osprey)
  12. Backup Firmware (News Group)
  13. MTK Flash Utility, How to for Samsung 616T drive. (Care of ~ David from Texas)
  14. CDRoller, recovery tool (Care of Jim H.)
  15. Free DVD decoding software
  16. Free Burning software (Care of John & klbf)
Section 7-7-0: Connecting PC to TV
  1. 128MB DDR ATI Radeon™ 9700 TX with TV-Out User's Guide
  2. 128MB DDR ATI Radeon™ 9700 Pro with TV-Out User's Guide
  3. 64MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 with TV Out Graphics Accelerator Card User's Guide
  4. Connect your PC to TV (Microsoft Windows Media Player article)
  5. How to connect my sound card to Stereo Receiver (Author: GoonBoy)
  6. TV-out Connection and Adjustment for GeForce 4Ti and GeForce 4Mx Video Cards with Twin View
  7. FAQ -TV out Modes (Author: Dell-Chris M, Care of ~ Paul)


Section 7-9-0:
  1. Interfacing PC Sound System to Analog Devices (Author ~ Jack, aka Fireberd)
  2. Ripping Vinyl to CD (Care of ~ Nick)


Section 7-10-0:
  1. Ways to Connect Your Camcorder to Your Computer (Care of ~ Micmaxe)
  2. Link to Sony Digital Video & Imaging Support. Digital 8 Handycam Camcorder (Care of ~ Micmaxe)
  3. How to convert VHS to DVD, UnLead Movie Factory (Care of ~ Micmaxe)



Section 8: Burning and Software

  1. Buffer underrun
  2. Buffer underrun Errors Occur When using USB CD-R/RW Drive to Write CD`s
  3. Sessions
  4. Addressing
  5. Disc at Once
  6. Track at Once
  7. Track Multi-Session
  8. Packet Writing
  9. Term "On the Fly".
  10. Fixation
  11. Nero & MP3
  12. "Jitter" Problems
  13. How to Burn MP3 CD
  14. Dell`s User Guide for Easy CD 4.02

Please feel free to e-mail me about different Burning software or additional Tips

Section 8-1-0: Members Tips
  1. Audio CD Recording Tips for ECD 4.02, Dell OEM ( Author: Ted N. )
  2. Easy CD 5 (Author: Steve S )
  3. Music Match 5 (Author: Robin )
  4. Music Match 6 (Author: Robin )
  5. Winamp and mp3 (Author: Egbert Hidding )
  6. Winamp (Author: Mike Ellis )
  7. Ken E. `s Tips
  8. Robert A`s Tips
  9. LPs, Cassettes, etc to CD-Rs
  10. Rippin` LP`s & Burnin` CD's ( Author: JimiMack)
  11. How to connect my sound card to Stereo Receiver (Author: GoonBoy)
  12. Free Software for Merging MP3 media (Credit: Declan)
  13. Free Program for Erasing CD/RW, SuperBlank (Credit: Karamales)
  14. Recording Photo images with Easy CD Creator (Author: Ted N77)
  15. Additional Links for LP / Cassette to CD recording. (Credit: Steve_S)
Section 8-2-0
  1. Backup & Restoring Utilizing CD-RW Drives and Media (Author: Jim Hardin)
  2. Rescue Files Trapped on a CD-RW (care of: PC World)
  3. Getting ECD Plat 5 to work on Dell's system. (Author: Andrew~Alexia75)
  4. Getting ECD Basic 5.1 to work on Dell's system (Author: Mike ~cde3cvr)
  5. Helpful List for Easy CD Platinum (Author: Jerry~anthony12)
  6. Windows XP burning program (Author: Jim Hardin)
  7. Check you ASPI Layer when experiencing various errors with CD/RW`s and Detection (Author~Rob Arco)
  8. Creating VCD with Nero 5.7 (Author: Glen Waxwell)
  9. Helpful tips for Direct CD (Author: Jerry~anthony12)
  10. A little useful info from the Plextor website about CDRWs in XP (Care of Phatpype)
  11. CD/RW is Read Only (Care of Jack ~ Fireberd)
  12. Uninstall Roxio with the add/remove programs (Care of ~ Jim)


Section 8-3-0:
  1. Using Nero Burning 5.5 With the Philips DVD+RW-DO1 Drive (Author: Tom Almy ~ Talmy)
  2. Feurio`s software (free downloads)
  3. Dell`s User Guide for Easy CD 5.x
  4. Dell`s User Guide for Direct CD
  5. Various Burning Software, Audio Grabbers (Author~Steve-S)
  6. Back Up using Quicken, Direct CD, Easy CD, etc (Author ~ Dave Johnson)
  7. General Instructions to improve burning process. (Author ~ volcano11, Steve)
  8. 48X 24X 48X burner will not record higher than 32X (Care of ~ Jack aka ~Fireberd)
  9. How to find your drives Firmware version in Roxio & Windows XP. (Care of Asp & Jim H)
  10. Some files are empty (0bytes) when writing DVD with Roxio EasyCD Creator 5 Basic   (Care of ~ Jim)
  11. The on going saga with the Dell NEC 1100a drive, steps to try.
  12. Large file issue and UDF / Joilet format Roxio version 5 / 6 (Care of Jim H)
  13. How to convert a Realplayer file into a .wav-format (Care of ~ Xley)
  14. Ripping Songs to Hard-drive using Music Match (Help files)
  15. Top 10 Hot tips for Windows Media Player
  16. Windows Media Player 9 Series: How-to for Beginners
  17. Windows Media Player FAQ ( 2 - links )



Section 8-4-0: More Members Burning Tips

  1. Nero Tutorials
  2. Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Tutorials
  3. Windows XP buning program, how to fix balky burner
  4. Windows Media Player FAQ
  5. How to create a VCD/SVCD/Slideshow
  6. VCR to DVD
  7. Dell systems: Autodetect/ATA mode. (care of uses_9200)

Section 8-100: Digital Photo Editing

  1. Digital Video FAQ (Care of ~ Ron B)
  2. How to make DVD Slideshow / PhotoDVD
  3. How to make a Video CD with VCDEasy.
  4. How to make a complex VCD.
  5. How to make a basic DVD.
  6. How to make a complex DVD.
  7. DVD Capture Help File-First Things First (Care of NFFAA~Steve)


Section 9: Dell's Knowledge Base FAQ
  1. Why won't my CD-ROM play any audio CDs?
  2. How to troubleshoot DVD-ROM drive?
  3. What Steps Should I Take to Troubleshoot My CD-ROM or DVD-ROM If It Stops Working? FA1011018 (2) Dell articles
  4. DVD disc care and cleaning Tips
  5. How do I enable parental control in the Windows 98 DVD Player?
  6. Why won't my DVD player auto-run DVD movies anymore?
  7. How can I make Win DVD auto-run?
  8. Why will DVD movies not auto-run when I insert them in the DVD drive using Software Decoding?
  9. How do I restore Missing DVD control bar?
  10. Why am I unable to play audio CDs after adding a CD/RW or DVD drive to my system?
  11. How do I eliminate the DVD playback error, "DVD player Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Cinmst32.dll," when using the Cinemaster Software DVD in Windows 98? (Edited 12-26-2000--3 articles)
  12. How do I Eliminate the Error: " Another application is preventing DVD Playback" that may occur with my Cinemaster Software DVD Player?
  13. Why does my CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive door open, or play music CD when I open a .WAV sound file with the TBS MontegoII A3D AudioStation 32?
  14. How do I connect the audio from the DVD TV-Out decoder card to my speakers or my TV?
  15. Why am I only getting sound from DVD movies and not from any other sources?
  16. Why are the DVD title menu and movie cut off on the right and bottom sides when I try to watch them in the Windows 98 DVD player.
  17. Why won't some of my DVD movies play with Windows 98 DVD player?
  18. When I try to run the Software Cinemaster software DVD player it starts Compression Agent instead, need fix.
  19. When I tried to reinstall the Software Cinemaster software DVD player software, I received an error. How can I reinstall the software?
  20. My Multimedia files play too fast. How can I slow them down?
  21. Why does my DVD movie only plays the FBI Warning?
  22. I am experiencing a problem with installing my HP 822C Printer to my USB port.
  23. What is the maximum length and specifications for USB cables?
  24. DVD Player could not start, Presentation Error Code: 0x80034013
  25. Why does WinDVD skip or repeat DVD Chapters?
  26. DVD- Video Streams did not render properly
These are articles from Dells Knowledge Base dealing mostly with the CD/ROM-CD/RW-DVD conference. They are here for Quick reference only, I've saved you the trouble of looking them up.
Section 10: Dell's & Microsoft's KB
  1. DVD drive will not read DVD media in Windows 98, "drive not ready" but will read it in DOS.
  2. SB Live 1420 sound card, DVD plays fine but no sound for Audio CD`s
  3. Computer Hangs Copying Data from CD-ROM Drive
  4. Error Message" No Valid Drive / Disc Found" Playing Audio CD After Using Data CD-ROM
  5. Why do I Receive Macrovision Errors When Attempting to Play a DVD?
  6. How do I resolve the error message, "Computer not set-up for Macrovision" whenever I play a DVD?
  7. How do I resolve the “Move Data” error with the file “RPC2.DLL” that may occur when I attempt to reinstall Software CineMaster DVD Player?
  8. Why does the InterVideo WinDVD player report a region error when I try to play DVDs that use Regional Coding Enhancement? (Dell TT1047883)
  9. Why does the headphone jack on the CD or DVD drive not work with Microsoft® Windows® Media Player 7.0? (Dell TT1037974)
  10. How do I enable or disable Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) in Microsoft Media Player 7.0? (Dell FA 1049871)
  11. Why do I hear noise from my new Dell? (DN=1033989)
  12. Why will CDs not autorun when inserted in my CD or DVD drive in Window XP? (DN 1061069)
  13. Troubleshooting Video-Related Problems on a Desktop System (DN HO1024347)
  14. How do I perform a Repair Reinstall of Microsoft® Windows® XP? (DN 1056993)


More Articles from Dell & MS

Section 11-0-0
  1. How to restore the setup defaults on your Dell Dimension system? (DN 1035262)
  2. How do I clear NVRAM on Dell Dimension Systems? (FA 1023538)
  3. What Do I use for a boot disk with CD-ROM support? (DN=FA1014475)
  4. Ultimate Start Disk
  5. How to Restore the Registry Using the Command "scanreg /restore" in Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition (Me) (DN 1039735)
  6. How do I restore a previous system configuration using the System Restore utility in Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition (Me)? (DN TT1037690)
  7. How do I troubleshoot Microsoft® Windows® 98 or Millennium Edition (Me) using the System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG)? (DN HO1014939)
  8. How do I install the Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition (Me) operating system from my Dell™ Windows Me Operating System CD? (DN FA1036680)
  9. How Do I Test the Write Function of My CD-RW Using the Dell™ Dimension™ ResourceCD Versions 4.00 or Later? (TT1070349)
  10. How do I configure my Dell computer to boot to the CD-ROM drive? (TT1088642)
Section 12-0:
  1. Why is my Dell Dimension or OptiPlex system unable to Recognize my Hard Drive or CD/DVD drive? (TI1014125)
  2. How do I troubleshoot a DVD-ROM drive tha does not play or read DVD media (TT1023433)
  3. How to Test CD-ROM, DVD, CD/RW on Hardware level (Dell-Stephen)
  4. How do I adjust the screen resolution, color depth, and refresh rate on my Dell™ computer? 10112568
  5. How do I maximize the availability of system resources for DVD playback? 1057369
  6. Why do I not hear any sound when I play a DVD movie? FA1017282 (Care of ~ micmaxe)
  7. Why is there no DVD audio with the SoundBlaster Live! Value HO1018614 (Care of ~ micmaxe)
  8. How do I troubleshoot CD Audio problems with my CD or DVD drive? TI1014130 (Care of ~ micmaxe)
  9. How do I find my system configuration or specs on the Dell Web page?
  10. How do I restore my CD drive functionality after uninstalling Roxio Easy CD Creator in Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP? 1065889
  11. Parallel XP install (1079253)
  12. What is Dell PC Restore by Symantec and what will it Restore on My Computer? (TT1090152)
  13. Troubleshooting Universal Serial Bus (USB) Devices
  14. Why will CDs not autorun when inserted in my CD or DVD drive in the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system? (RA1061069)
  15. Roxio ECD Creator 9; Drive Not Detected.


Section 13-0: Dell Media Center
  1. How Do I Make An Audio CD For Use In My Car or With My Home CD Player Using the Sonic™ Program? HO1085918
  2. How do I resolve various issues with InterVideo WinDVD 4.0? FA1083798
  3. How Do I Use the Exact Copy Feature Within the Sonic™ RecordNow!™ Program To Make A Duplicate Master Disc? FA1085892
  4. If I add MP3s to my Computer, will Dell Media Experience detect and list the new MP3 in Music? TT1085886
  5. Why Am I Unable to See My Audio Files in Music in Dell Media Experience™? TT1085523
  6. How Do I List or Play Music in Dell Media Experience™? TT1085520
  7. After Deleting A Music File From My System, the Associated Album Name Remains in the Dell Media Experience™ Album Section TT1084407
  8. Dell Digital Jukebox, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows XP, English, Dell Digital Music Player Dell Digital Jukebox, v.RC10b (MM ver 8.10.1006a), A01 date: 10/28/2003
  9. Dell Digital Jukebox, Firmware, Windows 2000, Windows XP, English, Dell Digital Music Player Dell Digital Jukebox, v.1.00.09, A00 date: 10/28/2003
  10. Movie Maker 2 - Importing DVR-MS Files (Posted bye~Rowbert)
  11. Sonic`s Solutions for Burning Issues (Care of ~ Gossamer)
  12. How to disable Sonic DLA
  13. How Do I Install Sonic MyDVD® and Sonic RecordNow!™ in the Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System on My Dell™ Inspiron™ 300m? (RG1086055)
  14. Can I Use the Recently Downloaded Photographs As Part Of My Dell Media Experience™ Slide Show Presentation? (TT1084279)
  15. How do I reinstall the MusicMatch Jukebox software that was installed by Dell at the factory? (RG 1034528)
  16. Sonic`s FAQ for DLA & DVD Creator
  17. Unable to Capture Video with Dell Movie Studio (TT1089176)
  18. How Do I Adjust the Settings so My Computer Launches the Dell Media Experience Program Every Time I Start My Computer? (TT1084676)
  19. Links & Tips for Movie Maker (Care of Stan ~ Ziwpiz)
  20. Dell Media Experience FAQ
  21. How Do I Use the Sonic RecordNow! Software with the CD-RW Recorder that is Installed in My Dell Computer? TT1090019
  22. CD Tray will not eject / open, jammed, Sonic DLA, driver.
  23. Clean Install for MyDVD 5 and higher (Sonic`s KB ~ Care of Bpa)
  24. Clean install instructions for Recordnow (Sonic`s KB ~ Care of Bpa)
  25. Sonic Digital Media Edition and/or MyDVD reports "no drives detected" when trying to burn.
  26. Sonic Update Manager Requests a CD When No CD is Available (Dell 294990)
  27. How do I install or uninstall Update Manager?
  28. Quick and easy fix for Sonic Activation Module (care of Boppo)
  29. Incomplete installation of Roxio/Sonic (care of Philip42h)
  30. Clean Uninstall / Reinstall of PowerDVD
  31. C++ Runtime error citing "mediahub.exe"
  32. Clean uninstall of Roxio/Sonic using Roxio Zap & Windows Clean Utility.
  33. RoxWatchTray9.exe problem.
  34. Sonic Solutions Roxio Creator LE 9.0 Patch, VISTA


Section 15: Detecting Devices/Reinstalling Drivers, etc"
  1. How to re-detect Devices in Device Manager
  2. Can not Find CD-ROM/DVD in My Computer / Windows Explorer..Dell-Cody
  3. CD-ROM has stopped reading CD`s
  4. Error Message "Could not Load enable2.vxd module"
  5. If you have Tweak UI installed, need to check Drive Letters
  6. Two articles from Dell, "Device not found...."
  7. Unable to Access Device after Windows 98/SE/Me Install
  8. System Cannot Access CD-ROM, CD/RW or DVD Devices (Dell-Cody)
  9. Use Windows Update to re-detect devices (2)
  10. How do I troubleshoot my CD or DVD drive using the Microsoft® Windows® XP troubleshooters? (DN RA1055963)
  11. Reinstalling Drivers (Dell`s Knowledge Base)
  12. CD/DVD not recognized, Audio Problems (Author ~ Osprey)
  13. Utility to set Secondary IDE controller CD devices to DMA mode. (Dell article care of  The_Namek)
  14. Instructions for enabling DMA in Windows XP (Care of ~ micmaxe)
  15. Article for detecting which filters are specific for your system (Care of Mixmaxe~ Roger)
  16. Dell`s guide to Trouble Shoot your Optical drives
  17. DMA converts to PIO Mode (Care of John~Osprey)
  18. Unknown Device PATA-1 message with two DVD/RW on the same  IDE channel. (Dell Tech-Andrew)
  19. Editing the Lower Filters to add Sonic`s PxHelp20 filter for HLDS GWA-4164B drive (Care of Diane)
  20. DMA reverts to PIO, one click solution


Section 20: Windows 1-0: How to....
  1. How do I determine the version of Direct X installed on my computer, or find a current version.
  2. How to Disable PCI Bus Steering in Windows
  3. How to re-load IDE Controller
  4. How to Start in Safe Mode
  5. How to Restore a Previous Days Registry and How to increase the number of Registry Backup Saves **edited: 12-05-2000**.
  6. How to Back up the Registry; system.dat and user.dat
  7. How to do a ZZ Top Restore
  8. How to Configure Windows 98 or Windows Me to Install New Drivers
  9. How to Select a Preferred Device for Playback and Recording
  10. How to correct VxD SCSI1.HLP error. Windows Me, Date: 2-01-2001
  11. How to Change the Drive Letter of a CD-ROM
  12. How to use the Fdisk Tool and Format Tool to Partition or Repartition a Hard-Disk
  13. How to correct xxx error message(s) on a Blue Screen When you try to play Digital CD Audio
  14. How do I resolve the error “Locate Free PCI Resources for Creative Sound Card” or "Could Not Install Service Vectors" that may occur with the SoundBlaster Live! Value Sound Card in Windows® 98?
Section 21: Windows, more How to..
  1. How to Cause CD Player to Play Audio CDs Automatically.
  2. How to Copy Files and Programs from a CD-ROM to a Hard Disk
  3. Top Articles for Windows 98
  4. Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device Manager
  5. How to Perform Clean-Boot Trouble Shooting Windows 98
  6. How to Perform Clean-Boot Trouble Shooting Windows Me
  7. How to Troubleshoot Using the Msconfig Utility with Windows 98
  8. Poor Performance from CD-ROM-Based Program
  9. Problems with VCOMM After Standby
  10. How to correct Error Message "No Valid Drive/Disc Found" Playing Audio CD After Using Data CD-ROM
  11. CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R Default Functionality and Software for Windows 2000
  12. DVD Device Reports Drive/Disc Error Until Media Is Reinserted
  13. No Sound from DVD after Clean Windows Me Install on Dell Inspiron 7000
  14. Description of DVD Player in Windows Me
Section 22: Windows, more "How to...."
  1. How to Create Auto-Run
  2. How to Correct MS-DOS Compatibility Mode Problems with PCI IDE Controllers (Q151911)
  3. USB Input Devices Do Not work in Safe Mode or Real Mode (Q256300)
  4. Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package (Credit: Phil~pkeyrich)
  5. Microsoft CD Player Does Not Play Audio CD-ROMs (Q14366) Care of Debra
Section 25: ECD Creator, Windows 2000 and NT
  1. CD Creator reports errors about the CD recorder being in use under Windows NT. (990419-0001)
  2. Error: 'IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL' when opening Easy CD Creator under NT. (990813-0002)
  3. Setting the device drivers in Windows NT 4 relative to CD recording. (990416-0029)
  4. Easy CD Creator is not writing the TOC (Table of Contents) under NT (990419-0022)
  5. When starting ECD Creator, I get a blue screen. How can I resolve this? (000803-0000)
  6. No supported CD Recorder is detected in Windows 2000. How can I resolve this? (000728-0002)
  7. Windows 2000 blue screens/reboots after installing ECD 4.0. (000626-0000)
  8. STOP error at Windows 2000 boot after DCD 3.01 installation. (000522-0000)
  9. CD drives no longer work after uninstalling ECD under Windows 2000. (000505-0000)
  10. Which version of Windows 2000 are supported for use with ECD. (000421-0000)
  11. Why can't I access my CD-R drive? It says already in use by Easy CD Creator? (990722-0001)
  12. Code 31 Messages Occur After Removing Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02c. (MS Article Q 270008)
Section 30: Direct CD
  1. What is Direct CD? (990420-0025)
  2. What is a UDF v1.5? (990420-0023)
  3. How do I Fix an Unreadable Disc? (990427-0029)
  4. Direct CD does not launch automatically when I insert a blank CD-R / CD-RW disc. (990427-0025)
  5. How do I Erase the Contents of a Direct CD Disc? (990420-0031)
  6. How do I use Direct  CD if I have more than one CD-R or CD-RW drive? (990420-0017)
  7. Direct CD does not save long filenames, but changes filenames to 8+3. (990421-0002)
  8. I can't read my Direct CD disc in a CD-ROM drive. (990427-0030)
  9. Which operating system can I run Direct CD under? (990420-0022)
  10. How do I Write to a CD the First Time? (990420-0035)
  11. How do I Eject a Direct CD Disc to Read on Another Computer? (2)-(990420-0030) (9904420-0029)
  12. I close my disc to ISO, but can't read it with my CD-ROM drive. (990427-0032)
  13. How do I change the writing speed for Direct CD? (990420-0016)
  14. Can Direct CD write audio files? (990420-0037)
  15. How do I write More Data to a Direct CD Disc? (990420-0033)
  16. I closed my disc to ISO 9660, but I can't read it on my CD-ROM drive under DOS. (990427-0034)
  17. How can I use Direct CD with my Backup software? (990427-0018)
  18. How do I write More Data to an ISO 9660 Disc? (990420-0034)
Section 31: Direct CD page 2
  1. How do I disable DirectCD from loading automatically when starting Windows? (990420-0018)
  2. I am getting Blue Screen on startup after installing Iomega Record It software. (990427-0027)
  3. How do I use the UDF Reader? (990420-0032)
  4. Why do I get Lost Data & Unusable Disks when using DirectCD? (990427-0050)
  5. I'm having problem with DirectCD when I install a DVD CD-ROM drive. (990421-0000)
  6. How do I remove DirectCD? (990427-0028)
  7. I am no longer able to reference the previous session when accessing the CD. (990427-0033)
  8. Your Computer loses power while writing a CD-RW disc and now the disc is inaccessible.
  9. The CD-RW media can not be used when the UDF format is interrupted
  10. How do I Eject the CD if the Eject Wizard is Turned Off? (990420-0028)
  11. How can I install DirectCD under Windows 2000? (000511-0001)
  12. Getting a media not ready in Direct CD 5.0 how do I resolve this? (010208-0001)
  13. Direct CD changes all File Names to Capital Letters (010426-0008)
More Direct CD Articles
Section 40 Easy CD Creator
  1. Standard troubleshooting steps for Easy CD Creator under Windows 98. (991102-0000)
  2. How do I find the firmware revision for my CD recorder? (990416-0033)
  3. Memorex CDRW-8220 not recognized by ECD 4. (000912-0008)
  4. Are Easy CD Creator, DirectCD, and TakeTwo compatible with Windows 2000? (000217-0000)
  5. How do I create an audio CD from multiple CD's? (990416-0038)
  6. I'm experiencing problems with the System Tests of Easy CD Creator 4.0. (991019-0004)
  7. Why do I hear pops and clicks in my audio tracks? (990416-0011)
  8. How do I add more data to a CD that already has data on it? (990416-0049)
  9. Why are there 2 second pauses between my audio tracks? (990416-0044)
  10. How can I extract tracks from standard audio CDs using Easy CD Creator 3.x? (990416-0042)
  11. How do I record an audio CD from source .wav files on my hard drive? (990416-0040)
  12. How do I get a video clip or home movie onto a CD? (990428-0015)
  13. How do I record an Audio CD in Disc-at-Once mode in Easy CD Creator 4? (990416-0041)
  14. The 3.x update patch is asking for licensed version of Easy CD Creator. (990419-0017)
  15. How do I Close the Disc? (990427-0128)
  16. How can I access previous sessions on my multi-session CD? (990416-0019)
  17. What is a disc image? How do I use disc images with Easy CD Creator? (990416-0050)
  18. When should I Use CD Mastering Software Instead of DirectCD? (990420-0026)
Consider jumping over to Roxio`s support site and / or their forum for additional help.
Section 41 Easy CD Creator page 2
  1. What kinds of CDs can I copy using Adaptec Easy CD Copier? (990420-000)
  2. Why won't Easy CD Copier make a copy of my disc? (990420-0004)
  3. What is in CD Copier Advanced Tab Settings? (990420-0005)
  4. What is CD Spin Doctor? (990427-0121)
  5. The .WAV files I record with CD Spin Doctor are silent. (990427-0146)
  6. How do I encode MP3 files with Easy CD Creator or Spin Doctor? (991018-0000)
  7. Error: 'cannot create destination file windows\temp' in CD Spin Doctor. (991006-0001)
  8. Video CD Creator cannot locate an MCI driver - cannot add an MPEG to the Layout. (000209-0000)
  9. Can I copy Console Game CDs (such as Playstation discs) using Easy CD Copier? (990420-0006)
  10. When using the Jewel Case maker, wording appears outside the border lines. (990419-0020)
  11. General Protection Fault in Jewel Case Creator. How do I resolve this? (991208-0000)
  12. How do I record from analog device attached to my sound card? (990427-0132)
  13. Why won't my Pioneer 301 DVD read the CDs I burn? (991222-0000)
  14. I can not print the inside cover of my layout from Jewel Case Creator. (991020-0003)
Consider jumping over to Roxio`s support site and / or their forum for additional help.
Section 42 Easy CD Creator page 3
  1. Error concerning 'MFC42.DLL' after installing Easy CD Creator 4.0.(990903-0001)
  2. I am getting 'No compatible CD-Recorder found' error message.(990419-0011)
  3. I'm getting a 'TrackWriter warning - Operation continues' error..(990419-0016)
  4. When I push the eject button on my CD-R drive, the media doesn't eject. (990427-0017)
  5. After installing EZ CD Creator 4 Windows will not load in Normal Mode.(991223-0000)
  6. How do I fix a Power Calibration Error? (990416-0034)
  7. I am getting ASPI errors with Adaptec CD-R software..(990419-0000)
  8. Error message: 'Exception OE in...SCSI1HLP.VXD.' How can I resolve this? (991020-0000)
  9. Making a copy of a Video CD (CD-I) (000726-0001)
  10. Error: 'Createcd.exe is linked to missing export cdr4dll.dll'.(991007-0010)
  11. I am getting a "flush failed" error message.(990419-0005)
  12. I am getting a "wait failed" error.(990419-0019)
  13. Is it possible to run both Direct CD and Easy CD Creator at the same time? (990427-0049)
  14. Why is all files set to Read Only when the disc is close as ISO? (990419-0013)
  15. The Audio CD's I create from an image file do not have all of the tracks.(991213-0004)
  16. Easy CD reports that my CDR /CDRW media is not blank (991014-0001)
Articles from Adaptec's site dealing with Easy CD Creator
Section 43: Easy CD Creator, page 4
  1. Easy CD Creator stops responding before displaying a CD Layout window. (000725-0002)
  2. Problems installing Easy CD Creator under Windows 2000 upgrade. (000421-0000)
  3. Standard troubleshooting for Easy CD Creator under Windows 2000. (000719-0001)
  4. 'Engine Initialization Failed' when trying to open Easy CD Creator. (990419-0008)
  5. After installing EZ CD Creator 4 Windows will not load in Normal Mode. (991223-0000)
  6. How can I access previous sessions on my multi-session CD? (990416-0019)
  7. Installed Media Player 7 and now I am having problems with my CD Drives. (000726-0003)
  8. I am getting an 'Insufficient Resources' error. How can I resolve this? (990419-0009)
  9. Sony CDU928E IDE CDR buffer underruns and other errors. (991215-0001)
  10. Memorex CDRW-6424 not recognized by Easy CD 4.0 (000523-0000)
  11. I am getting Buffer Underrun error message. (990419-0002)

Articles from Adaptec's site dealing with Easy CD Creator, some Windows 2000.Consider jumping over to Roxio`s support site and / or their forum for additional help.

Section 44: Easy CD Creator page 5
  1. Wnaspi32.dll error (990416-0010)
  2. I get a Fatal Exception error when trying to read DVD-ROM Media (000823-0002)
  3. Why doesn't Easy CD Creator detect my MP3`s as valid audio files? (000822-0001)
  4. Cannot read data CD created in CD Copier with HP 7200 / Philips 3610 (000106-0001)
  5. What can I do with Video CD's (990427-0156)
  6. How do I record my Video CD layout? (990427-0176)
  7. How to Make a Disc Copy? (990420-0010)
  8. I'm getting a CD read failed error message. How can I resolve this? (990419-0003)
  9. ASPI Error in Easy CD Creator when making a Mixed mode CD (000726-0002)
  10. I am getting an "Audio Source 413", how do I resolve it? (001108-0001)
  11. Fatal Exception Error when reading DVD-ROM media (000509-0001)
  12. Old file not found error is displayed when trying to upgrade to EZ CD Creator (000719-0000)
  13. Intel Ultra ATA 6.0 Drivers, Blue Screen Error and Inaccessible Boot Device (010130-0000)

Articles from Adaptec's site dealing with Easy CD Creator

Section 45: Easy CD page 6
  1. The correct method of uninstalling and reinstalling Easy CD Creator 4.X ( Article 000929-0005)
  2. Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum will not install properly (Article 010426-0000)
  3. How do I fix an internal 2355 error (Article 010418-0003)
  4. Getting an mfc42.dll or msvcrt.dll error (Article 010426-0004)
  5. When I try to copy a game or software CD, I get a message: The current track contains more than 100 form transitions. (Article 010425-0007)
  6. I am getting a "Not enough disk space" error when copy from CD to CD in Soundstream with no CD-ROM drive and only the CDR or CDRW Recorder in the system. (Article 010208-0002)
  7. Can I copy CD`s over Network? (Article 010503-0005)
  8. Update Easy CD Creator® 5.0x Platinum to add compatibility for Windows® XP
  9. How to cleanly uninstall / reinstall Easy CD Creator 5 in Windows XP (Article 011130-000007)
  10. Method to Uninstall Easy CD Creator 5.0x using Windows XP Safe Mode.(Article 011203-000001)
  11. CDROM and Recorder no longer work after removing software in Windows 2000/XP (Article 000505-000000)
  12. After installing software my CD’s or DVD’s constantly refresh. (Article 011119-000000)
  13. How do I use the Morphing Option. (Article 990427-000130)
  14. I am getting Engine Initialization Error with Easy CD Creator 5.0x.(Article 011214-000001)
  15. Can`t shut down Windows XP after installing Creator 5.02x (Article 011029-000003)
  16. General Troubleshooting steps for Easy CD Creator under Windows XP (Article 020213-000000)
  17. Advanced Troubleshooting steps for Easy CD Creator under Windows XP (Article 020213-000001)
  18. Video CD created with Video CD Creator, it is not playable in my DVD Player.(Article 020213-000003)
  19. How can I get past a 1406 error code when I try to install Easy CD Creator?(Article 020215-000000)


Section 46: Easy CD page 7
  1. How to add audio to a Photo Relay slide show. (020326-000001)
  2. Error: "Cannot create creator! ...0x80040154" (020326-000000)
  3. WARNING: Reservation conflict ... drive cannot ... being used by Roxio DirectCD (020214-000001)
  4. How can fix the ##Newstring...## icons that are being placed on my desktop? (020328-000000)
  5. Error 2355 during install of ECDC 5.x - EEZ000050
  6. How to use JPG files in a DVD player - EEZ000128
  7. Video CD's don't play on DVD player - EEZ000092


Section 47-0: Roxio`s Forum Tips
  1. Problems with installation of Roxio`s updates (Author: Brendon T)
  2. Adjusting and Disabling Windows XP CD writing Feature (Author: PC Help Desk)
  3. Problems Installing Direct CD (Author: Patrick ~ Roxio Moderator)
  4. Create an Autorun File for CD/R (Author: Patrick ~ Roxio Moderator)
  5. In order to get rid of the "ctcatend" error do the following (Author: Patrick ~ Roxio Moderator)
  6. Uninstalling Easy CD Creator using Control Panel (Author: Patrick ~ Roxio Moderator)
  7. Clean un-install (Care of ~ Brendon T)
  8. Installing Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 (Author: Patrick ~ Roxio Moderator)
  9. Installing Easy CD Creator 5 (Care of ~ Terry W.)
  10. Using PhotoRelay in ECD version 5 with Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 (Care of ~ Steve)
  11. Roxio`s Zap.exe for removing their Software (Care of ~ Patrick N. )
  12. How to Un-install Easy CD Creator 5 and Install Version 6.


Section 48-0: ECD Version 6 Support Articles
  1. CD-ROM and CD-Recorder no longer work in Windows 2000/XP EEZ000005
  2. Project, MP3 CD: Play Order (Play List) EEZ000125
  3. How do I find Firmaware Revision in All OS's - EEZ000059
  4. Error "current track contains more than 100 form trans..." EEZ000075
  5. Stop Error in Cdr4_2K.sys when iLink CD-RW DVD-Rom Combination drive is plugged in. PLG000001


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Section 50: Adaptec and Windows ME
  1. Which version of ECD 4 is supported under Windows ME (001026-0001)
Section 60: SCSI Interface:
  1. Why can't I boot from my SCSI disk when an IDE / EIDE (ATAPI) disk is installed? (990823-0001)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions about the 29160 and 39160 64-bit PCI SCSI Cards. (000203-0004)
  3. Is it necessary for the last SCSI device on the cable to be terminated? (990428-0003)
  4. How do I access my SCSI CD ROM under DOS? (990429-0000)
  5. My PCI card was detected, but has a yellow ! on the driver in Device Manager. (990427-0020)
  6. How do I assign the Interrupt Request (IRQ) for my PCI SCSI card? (990412-0000)
  7. FDISK reports 'No Fixed Disks Present' but card's BIOS sees the drive. (990816-0021)
  8. Installing a PCI Adaptec host adapters in Windows 95 or 98. (990428-0098)
  9. NT reports 'Inaccessible boot device' after changing SCSI controllers. (990824-0005)
  10. Why must I use an IRQ above IRQ 09 for my AVA-2906 PCI SCSI card? (990722-0000)
  11. What is bus mastering? (990429-0007)
  12. How do I set up my SCSI card and devices properly for CD recording? (990416-0022)
  13. My SCSI device is not detected by the card's BIOS. Why? (990426-0009)
  14. Adaptec SCSI Driver loads with a yellow ! - Code 30 in Windows 9x (990713-0000)
  15. Adding a SCSI card and a hard drive changes the drive letter assignments. Why? (990426-0023)
  16. The system does not boot after installing the card. Why? (990426-0001)
  17. The adapter recognizes the drive on boot up but gives 'Drive not ready'. Why? (990429-0009)
  18. After installing a SCSI CD-ROM drive, I can't access my IDE CD-ROM. (990427-0008)
  19. Installation of non PNP/PCI Adaptec host adapters in Win 95 or 98 (990428-0097)
These are some of the more common questions concerning the SCSI Interface from Adaptec's site, again I have saved you the trouble of looking them up. Take care!!
Section 61: SCSI TS, page 2
  1. SCSI card driver not loading or hanging at Windows 2000 (w2k) installation. (000529-0000)
  2. I’m getting Vmm32.vxd errors on boot up of Windows 95/98. (990827-0000)
  3. Windows 98 hangs shutting down after installing SCSI controller. (990824-0009)
  4. 'D0100: SCSI error illegal request in parameter' - How can I resolve this error? (990419-0004)
  5. SCSI Setup & Basic SCSI Troubleshooting in Windows. ( MS Q133285)
These are some of the more common questions concerning the SCSI Interface from Adaptec's site, again I have saved you the trouble of looking them up. Take care!!
Section 65-0:
  1. Setting Up Your SCSI Recorder, By Bob Starrett

Section 70: Popular Links


Section 75-0: Various Dell Articles from Dell-Karell
  1. How to perform a Win2000 repair install.
  2. How do I perform a Repair Reinstall of Microsoft Windows XP?
  3. Using System Restore Windows XP.
  4. How should I run CHKDSK or what switches should I use?
  5. How to Change a File Associations in Windows XP.
  6. How to Clear the Windows XP Start-up Menu.
  7. XP Compatibility Mode.
  8. Dell`s ZZTop Program.
  9. How to Reinstall or Repair Outlook Express in Windows XP.
  10. How to reinstall Windows Media Player.


Section 80: Interesting Posts I've found on DT
  1. Clean Up the Context Menu
  2. Forgotten Password
  3. Illegal operation
  4. How to I alter the system shutdown to display the "it is safe to turn your system off now" ?
  5. I'm getting Stack errors, what are they and how do I fix them?
  6. Print from DOS
  7. Print File Folder
  8. How to add color to text in DT posts.
  9. How to install a Belkin USB Printer Adapter?

Various Articles found while roaming DellTalk

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Section 90: FYI

News Letters


Section 100-0: Windows XP

  1. (295322) How to Determine If Hardware or Software Is Compatible with Windows XP
  2. (285909) How to Troubleshoot Program Compatibility Issues in Windows XP
  3. (283658) HOW TO- How to Manage Devices in Windows XP
  4. (310064) HOW TO- Troubleshoot Windows XP Setup Problems When You Upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows Me
  5. (310794) "Error Code- 0x80070002" Error Message Cites License-Checking Issue After Upgrade on Dell Computer
  6. (304798) Cdplayer.exe Still Present but Does Not Work Correctly After Upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows 2000
  7. (292460) HOW TO- Troubleshoot the Video Adapter Driver in Safe Mode
  8. (244601) How to Troubleshoot Unknown Devices Listed in Device Manager
  9. (164903) How to Troubleshoot Duplicate Media Access Control Address Conflicts
  10. (306546) HOW TO- Use the Driver Roll Back Feature to Restore a Previous Version of a Device Driver
  11. (308514) HOW TO- Verify Unsigned Device Drivers in Windows XP
  12. (310126) Troubleshooting Device Conflicts with Device Manager
  13. (309522) How to Set the Write Speed for a CD-R Drive in Windows XP
  14. (302711) Windows XP Does Not Support Testing Before Writing to CD-R or CD-RW Media
  15. (307119) Computer Stops Responding after Upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows Me
  16. (310845) Error Message: User Name may not be the Same as Computer Name
  17. (306084) HOW TO- Restore Windows XP to a Previous State
  18. (306186) HOW TO- Use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard By Using the Windows XP CD-ROM
  19. (308989) HOW TO- Encrypt a Folder in Windows XP
  20. (307274) Windows XP Stops Responding (Hangs) During Windows Shutdown
  21. (309521) Windows XP Update Package, October 25, 2001
  22. (305788) HOW TO- Increase Windows XP Shutdown Time So That Processes Can Quit Properly
  23. (309127) List of Fixes That Are Included in the Windows XP Dynamic Update Package
  24. (283324) Inconsistent Digital Audio Setting Between Windows Media Player and Device Manager
  25. (310628) Easy CD Creator 5.0 does not function in Windows XP
  26. (311806) Windows XP Restarts When You Try to Shut Down Your Computer
  27. (279157) Description of CD Recording in Windows XP
  28. (306318) Troubleshooting DVD Playback in Windows Media Player for Windows XP
  29. (314096) How to Trouble Shoot CD-ROM in Windows XP
  30. (315255) Windows Backup does not Back up to CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-R Devices
  31. (314060) CD-ROM Access Is Missing and Messages Cite Error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19, or Code 39 After You Remove Easy CD Creator
  32. (306331) Supported Software MPEG-2 DVD Decoders in Windows Media Player for Windows XP
  33. (294652) Only One CD-R or CD-RW Disk Drive Can Be Used to Create Compact Discs in Windows XP
  34. (291731) Cannot Rename the Volume Label for a CD-R or CD-RW Disc from Within Windows Explorer
  35. (298207) Drive Letter for Newly Installed Storage Device Does Not Show in Windows Explorer
  36. (316529) CD-R or CD/RW drive is not recognized as a Recordable Device
  37. (315403) Stop 0x0000000ED Error message when volume on IDE drive with caching Enables is Mounted
  38. (282491) How to Copy a CD-ROM in Windows XP
  39. (264202) Intermitton Clicks & Pops when playin a CD in Windows Media Player
  40. (315350) "Incorrect Function" Error Message When You Access the CD-ROM Drive, DVD-ROM Drive, or CD-RW Drive
  41. (320553) CD-ROM Drive or DVD-ROM Drive Missing After You Install Windows XP
  42. (321640) CD-ROM Drive May Not Be Able to Read a UDF-Formatted Disc in Windows XP
  43. (313348) HOW TO: Partition and Format a Hard Disk in Windows XP
  44. (310123) Error Codes in Windows XP
  45. (283576) An Error Message Is Displayed When You Attempt to Install or Remove or Play a Game
  46. (324129) Troubleshoot Burning Issues with Windows XP
  47. (297740) No Video or Choppy DVD Playback with a Toshiba Hardware Decoder Version 2 or 3
  48. (329623) Problems with InterVideo DVD Software After Upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 1
  49. (326685) Error Message: DVD Playback Failed Due to a Problem in the Video Subsystem
  50. (810795) "Overlay Failed" Error After You Resume DVD Player When the Extended Desktop Is Turned On
  51. (309321) Windows Media Player May Not Recognize or Play DVD
  52. (326678) "Error 112 Setup Installation Error" Error Message When You Try to Install a Program
  53. (310751) Devices Setting are hard to find in Windows XP
  54. (824917) Movie Maker Publish Error: "A Recordable CD Drive Was Not Detected"
  55. (816736) CD-RW Drives Does Not Eject Blank Media
  56. (821578) DVD-RW Drive Appears in My Computer as a DVD-R Drive
  57. (330135) The AutoRun or AutoPlay Feature Does Not Work
  58. (314855) CD-ROM May not run Automatically in Windows XP
  59. (817357) The AutoPlay Function Does Not Work and the Current Media Does Not Appear in My Computer When You Insert a CD or DVD Title
  60. (312475) CD-ROM Does Not Run Automatically After You Insert It into Your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
  61. (314993) A Disc in a DVD Drive May Not Be Played Automatically with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.1 and Norton Anti-Virus 2002
  62. (314084) How to Gather Information After a Memory Dump in Windows XP
  63. (303596) File Attributes Are Missing After You Copy a File to the Staging Area for CD Burning
  64. (306641) HOW TO- Erase Files From a CD-RW Disc in Windows XP
  65. (320174) Compact Disc Recorded in Windows XP Is Missing Files or Folders or Is Unreadable
  66. (306524) HOW TO- Copy Information to a CD in Windows XP
  67. (321641) How to Troubleshoot Issues with Reading CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD Discs
  68. (310697) Resources for Troubleshooting Games and Multimedia in Windows XP
  69. (824143) Desktop Shortcut to the 3 1/2 Inch Disk Drive or to the CD-ROM Drive Does Not Work
  70. (830752) USB-based CD-ROM Drive Is Mapped to Multiple Drive Letters
  71. (314643) Windows XP Does Not Detect Your New USB Device
  72. (823293) Drive Icon and Drive Label That You Selected Do Not Appear When You Connect a Removable Media Storage Device to Your Computer
  73. (307844) HOW TO: Change Drive Letter Assignments in Windows XP
  74. (810978) IE saves gis as bmp
  75. (303008) An Error Message May Be Displayed When You Delete a File or Folder on a CD-RW Media
  76. (822124) "An Error Occurred Copying File Cdrom.sys" Error Message During Windows XP Upgrade
  77. (328974) Audio and Video from TV Tuner Is Distorted When You Insert a CD-ROM into the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
  78. (813347) Audio and Video May No Longer be Synchronized After You Issue a Fast-Forward Command or a Rewind Command During DVD Playback
  79. (306700) Audio Quality Is Very Poor on High-Quality Video or DVD
  80. (316415) Cannot Back Up Quicken Files to CD
  81. (294883) Cannot Delete Individual Files from a CD-RW Disc in Windows XP
  82. (310436) Cannot Play a DVD in Windows XP
  83. (820826) Cannot Read Newly Added Data on a Multi-Border DVD
  84. (285974) Cannot Start Roxio Easy CD Creator EZCD Version 5.02 After You Upgrade to Windows XP
  85. (827329) Computer Stops Responding After You Install Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum
  86. (318019) Easy CD Creator 5.0 Remains Installed After You Try to Remove It Through Add or Remove Programs
  87. (315345) "CD Recording Software Will Cause Windows to Become Unstable" Error Message When You Start Windows
  88. (305924) CD Table of Contents Lists Incorrect Number of Tracks or Length of Tracks
  89. (307146) Create Shortcut Command Is Missing When You Right-Click and Drag an Item in CD-Burning Staging Area
  90. (299459) DVD May Not Play When You Open .IFO Files
  91. (831436) DVD Playback May Miss Some Frames When You Minimize or Maximize the Window
  92. (829739) DVD Title Menu Stops Responding
  93. (303278) Error Message: Window Media Player Cannot Play the DVD Because of Problems on Analog Copyright Protection
  94. (316404) "Error Reading CD-ROM" Error Message When You Upgrade to Windows XP
  95. (325218) Files Are Displayed in the Staging Folder When You Search a CD-RW Drive
  96. (301480) Files May Be Lost During CD-ROM Creation if You Drag and Drop Files into the Staging Area
  97. (883523) Your CD-RW drive is not recognized as a rewritable drive in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
  98. (886955) Second optical drive appears in Windows Explorer after you use Windows XP to format a CD-RW or a DVD-RW and then remove and re-insert it in a drive
  99. (820759) Problems Occur When You Run a Program That Accesses a USB 2.0 DVD Drive or CD-RW Drive
  100. (887793) Release notes for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  101. (887936) The screen remains black when you try to play certain DVDs in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  102. (840718) DVD movies play full-screen in a single color on Windows XP
  103. (814846) You Cannot Play a DVD-RW or a DVD+RW Disk by Using Windows Media Player or Sonic CinePlayer.
  104. (884487) A chapter does not play when you click it in some WMV HD DVD disks in Windows Media Player.
  105. (811419) Windows quits unexpectedly when you try to play a DVD.
  106. (878471) Some DVD movies are blocked although the DVD movie rating is allowed on a Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2-based computer.
  107. (896471) You may receive a "CD Creation Error" error message when you try to create a DVD in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.
  108. (896519) The audio signal may drop out when you play a DVD movie that has a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack or a DTS soundtrack in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  109. (909083) You receive an "INSERT MEDIA" error message when you try to use the Create CD/DVD experience in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.
  110. (817472) IDE ATA and ATAPI disks use PIO mode after multiple time-out or CRC errors occur.
  111. (228985) "Please insert the correct CD-ROM" error message or the game stops responding on the "Loading" screen
  112. (320553) CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive appears to be missing after you install Windows XP or Windows Vista Beta 2
  113. (924051) Disc recording software stops responding when you try to burn a disc on a Windows XP-based computer
  114. (896038) You receive an "Insert Writable Media" error message when you try to use the Create CD/DVD experience to write to a DVD.
  115. (905237) You may receive a "One or more of the files you have selected is not a supported file" error message when you try to copy a recorded TV show to a video DVD in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  116. (926969) On a Windows XP-based computer, the icon and label for an HD DVD, a Blu-ray Disc, or a DVD-RAM drive may not be displayed correctly in My Computer and in Windows Explorer


Windows XP


Section 101-0: Windows Vista

  1. Windows Vista Cuatomer Review Program
  2. Windows Vista Movie Maker
  3. Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Vista
  4. Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Center
  5. Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player: FAQ
  6. (932520)-On a Windows Vista-based computer, the Microsoft ISATAP adapter appears with a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager, and you also receive an error message
  7. (930984)-Error message when you try to install Windows Vista by using a computer's DVD drive: "Windows cannot install required files"
  8. (928253)-SATA optical drives are not available after you start a Windows Vista-based computer
  9. (929460)-You may experience various problems when you use optical media in Windows Vista.
  10. (929461)-Optical drives do not work as expected after you upgrade a computer to Windows Vista / Upper & Lower Filters. Code 31, 39, etc
  11. (930095)-You may receive an error message when you run an application that uses audio recording or playback functionality in Windows Vista
  12. (929528)-Some DVD players do not recognize a DVD that you create by using Windows Media Center on a Windows Vista-based computer
  13. (929540)-Error message when you try to add files to the DVD-burning catalog in Media Center on a Windows Vista-based computer: "CD Creation Error: The CD drive currently contains the wrong type of CD. Please insert a writable CD."
  14. (929542)-Error message when you try to use the Create CD/DVD wizard to write to a DVD on a Windows Vista-based computer: "Insert Writable Media"
  15. (929531)-The screen remains black when you try to play certain DVDs in Windows Media Center on a Windows Vista-based computer
  16. (929533)-The computer stops responding or you receive a "Low Disk Space" error message when you try to create a slide show on a DVD or to create a DVD in Windows Vista.
  17. (931274)-Message that you receive when you use the "Backup and Restore Center" Control Panel item in Windows Vista: "Label and insert a blank disk"
  18. (931697)-Error message when you try to upgrade an earlier version of Windows to Windows Vista: "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration"
  19. (931698)-When you try to use DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs interchangeably, a consumer electronics DVD player or DVD recorder may be incompatible with the DVD drive in a Windows Vista-based computer.
  20. (929734)-You may experience problems after you resume a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or from hibernation
  21. (929637)-Error message during Windows Vista startup if the Nero InCD program is installed and if the "Special pool" feature is enabled in the Driver Verifier utility: "Stop 00000050"
  22. (928355)-You cannot record more data to a recordable DVD-R Dual Layer disc after you format and then eject the disc in Windows Vista
  23. (928633)-Installation Media may not be recognized when you try to install Windows Vista from the CD or DVD
  24. (928902)-How to perform a flat installation of Windows Vista
  25. (929478)-After you use the Safely Remove Hardware option to remove a built-in optical drive from a portable Windows Vista-based computer, you may be unable to reconnect the drive.
  26. (933173)-The computer does not recognize the Windows Vista installation disc.
  27. (927814)-Error message when you try burn data to a DVD-RAM disc in Windows Media Center in Windows Vista or in Windows Media Player 11: "Insert Media"
  28. (933178)-How to install Windows Vista
  29. (933170)-How to go back to Windows XP after you have upgraded a Windows XP-based computer to Windows Vista.
  30. (927392)-How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista.
  31. (935806)-Trouble shooting Stop error messages that may occur when you try to install Windows Vista.
  32. (930061)-Unified Extended Firmware Interface support in Windows Vista.






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Sec 2: Removing the cover:

Some people find it easier to remove the drive cage others prefer to remove both side covers . To determine for yourself, go to Dell's support page:

Enter your Service Tag or Model. Under Fix-It, select Your System Documentation, then Tech Notes and finally, Removing and Replacing Parts. Here you will find some helpful information dealing with this and other subjects.

Sec 3: Installation per PC World: ( article from PC World )

Whether you're installing an Internal IDE drive or a parallel port drive, back up your hard before you begin. Some Internal IDE CD-RW drives include software that analyzes your PC`s IDE setup and suggests how to install your drive, use it and print the results.

Plan for connecting and mounting your Internal IDE drive:

Turn off your PC, unplug it and remove the cover.( see below, Removing Cover ) Use an anti-static wrist strap to work inside your PC. You will find two IDE connectors, Primary and Secondary channels on your motherboard. In most PCs, the IDE hard disk connects to the primary channel and the IDE CD-ROM drive connects to the secondary channel, both via data cables. If this is the way your PC is setup, then you will need only to connect your new CD-RW drive to the same cable as used by your CD-ROM. If that cable has no extra connector on it, use the cable that came with the CD-RW drive to connect both drives to the secondary channel. Some PCs have both the hard drive and the CD-ROM drive connected to the Primary IDE channel. If that's the case in your PC, and you have no other devices on the secondary channel ( like an internal IDE Zip drive ), plan to disconnect the CD-ROM drive from the primary IDE channel and reconnect it to the secondary channel with your new CD-RW drive.

Select the externally accessible drive bay where you will mount your CD-RW drive. Most PCs have their CD-ROM drive mounted in the top externally accessible bay. In most cases, the new CD-RW will mount in the bay just below your CD-ROM depending on where your CD-RW drive must go, check that your data cables and power cables are long enough.

Set Jumpers, connect Cables and mount an Internal CD-RW drive:

Check your CD-RW drive and make sure its jumper is set to Master. If you plan on continuing to use your CD-ROM drive, set its jumper to Slave. You may have to remove and then replace the CD-ROM drive to do so. Slide your new CD-RW drive into its bay and screw in its mounting screws. Then connect its data. Make sure the cable's colored ( usually red; Pin 1 ) wire goes to the pin nearest the power connector ( some data cable connectors have a piece of protruding plastic to prevent connecting in the wrong direction ). Then connect the power cable to the CD-RW drive. Lastly, if your CD-RW drive came with an audio cable and your sound adapter has a free connector ( on the sound card or on the motherboard if your adapter is integrated ) for its end of the cable, attach one end of the audio cable to the connector and the other to the CD-RW drive. If the sound adapter has no free connector, then choose which device you want to use as audio player and attach the cable.

Install software and start burning discs:

Turn on your PC and install the drivers and application that came with your new drive. Then test the drive to make sure that it can read standard CD-ROMs and audio CDs and can read and write to both CD-R and CD-RW discs. For CD-RW discs ( you must format them first ) copy some dummy files to them and try deleting the files. If you connected the CD-RW audio cable, try an audio CD to test your sound. If your PC does not recognize the drive, turn off the PC and double check all your connections. You can also select Start | Settings | Control Panel, double click System icon and click Device Manager tab. If the icon for your new drive is shown with an exclamation point next to it, there might be an internal conflict preventing the drive from working properly. Select Start | Help, type hardware troubleshooter in the search box, and follow the directions. If you still have trouble, contact tech support.

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