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I would like to take the time to remember and wish a Very Merry Christmas to the members that greeted me when I first stumbled into Dell Talk all those many years ago !!

Warren Holmes, Chris Boultinghouse, Doug Utley, Chris Hardt, Conrad Stockton, Dudley Atkins, Cris Riley, Dave Dykhuis, David Hendricks, Kathy Wolf, Greg Keltner, Sandy Watkins, Tim Kessler and Tommy King


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Also to the members I have had the opportunity to greet and get to know through good times & bad, happiness  & pain. It has truly been an honor & pleasure to meet each & every one of you. Have a glorious & wonderful Holidays Season !

Dennis, Joe, Nancy, Wayne, Mair, T-Rex, Denny, Goonboy, Kay, Jim H, Preston, Steve, Joy, Merry, Chris, Pat, Majestic, Tony M, Ted, Dan, Rod, Mike, Marvin, Cynthia, Suzanne, and Cody

Eagle55, Mark357, Ron, Duh Voodoo Man, Ygor, Nanette, Inno, Eddj, Jerry, Mark, OTD, Coothead, Carol, David, Jab, KJ, Steph, Jadelyn, EDLIB, Charger, Pink, Mollee, Buzz, Wjack and Jason

Hope you can hear this